7 Reasons: Why do you get canker sores in mouth?

Most frequently asked question by anyone who is having canker sore in mouth is, why do I get canker sores in mouth?

There are many reasons and causes for sores to appear in your tongue and mouth. Below are the 7 most common reasons why people get ulcers in mouth.

  1. Vitamin Deficiency – The skin and inner tissues gets damaged when there is lack of vitamin supply. Vitamin B12 is the specific vitamin that is required to keep your tissues and inner skin healthy and fight back against the bacterial and viral infections in your mouth.Almost 90% of people who suffer from canker sore are due to vitamin B12 deficiency and vitamin B12 is the top most reason why people get canker sores in their mouth.
  1. Nutritional Deficiency – Several reports and studies say that canker sores in tongue are caused when human body lacks Protein, iron, folic acid or zinc nutrients.
  1. Stress and Weak Immune System – Recently, Stress is considered as one of the foremost reason to get canker sores in mouth. When someone is under stress, naturally they will become less immune as the stress takes a lot of energy and leaving the body immune system in a survival state which puts the immune system weak.
    Why do I Keep Getting Canker Sores? 
    A person who is under stress always look to be alone and avoids the food thus further weakening their immune system. This is the main cause why people are getting canker sore again and again?Once your immune system is weak your body will not protect you from viral and bacterial attack. Stress is one important trigger that causes of canker sores in adults.
  1. Foods that can get canker sore in people
    • Spicy foods can burn your tongue and inner tissues of mouth that will causes inflammation and burning sores on the tongue and mouth.
    • Acidic and citrus fruits like oranges, lemon can also cause ulcers and sores by creating allergic reaction to the soft tissues of mouth and under the tongue.
    • One must avoid fruits like strawberry, fig, tomatoes and apples when you sense some kind of burning sensation on the lips, throat or inside the mouth. Otherwise, these fruits may create Canker sores in children and teens.
  2. Trauma
    • Accidental biting of lips, tongue and inside the mouth
    • Gum injury or damage when eating crispy snacks like a potato chip.
    • Broken teeth that injures the tongue and inside mouth to create a canker sore inside the mouth.
    • Hard brushing on teeth or gums.
  1. Illness and Health Issues
    • Irregular periods and menstruation problem can cause canker sore in women
    • Fever caused by bacteria or virus.
  2. Eating Habit
    • Eating hot food is often reported as one of the common reason told by the people who suffered from ulcers under tongue.
    • Eating out the food quickly without chewing it properly is an evident for the gastrointestinal problem which triggers canker sores to appear in mouth.

What to do for canker sore?

When people get canker sores in mouth or tongue, the first thing they should do is to assess the canker sore type. If the colour of the sore is white or whitish yellow and less than 1 millimetre in size they can use the below recommended products to get rid of painful canker sores quicker than others.

If the canker sores are red in colour and are more than 1 millimetre in size then they should look for a doctor.

Besides the above listed there are 30 canker sore Causes. Check it out.

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