Alum Canker Sore – How does alum cure canker sores ?

What is alum?

It is a chemical compound which looks like white color but it is colorless and odorless. It is available in crystals and powder form and it dissolves in water. Alum is highly soluble in hot water and many more crystal facts are available.

Types of alum:

Based on the type of Alum, the color and the taste varies.

  • Aluminum sulfate: It is used in the paper making.
  • Ammonium alum: commonly works in dyeing, deodorants and in the purification of water.
  • Potassium Alum: Available in the grocery shop and used for pickle preparation.
  • Soda Alum: which plays in the acidulent for food and to make baking powder.
  • Chrome alum: used in tanning industries.
  • Selenate alum: It can be used as an antiseptic agent.

Where it is available and how can i buy it?

It is easily available in a grocery store or an ordinary shop near to your home. Because it is a common item of the kitchen and one of the important ingredient.

What is the role of alum in canker sore treatment?

It is called as one of the secret ingredient, which does magic by how it removes the water from cucumber. Likewise, it removes the water such as saliva secretes from the mouth. After that, apply Alum powder on canker sores. It just removes the moisture and helps to quick heal as well as it cures in overnight.

What type of alum that we have to use?

There are many types, but we have to use potassium or potash alum only. It is used for medical purposes which as antiseptic properties so that it has been used.

Is alum safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe because it has got a lot of beneficial activities in it. Alum is used in various kind of activities such as for tooth powder, to rub face after a shave, to prevent body odor and also used as an agent for improvising the skin toner to become more white.

How to use it?

We can use it in two ways such as

Powder way of use:

canker sore treatment alumTake a pinch of alum powder and apply by gentle press it on the canker sore.
After that, you get a burning sensation that is tolerable by adults and do not swallow it.

Wait for 3 to 5 minutes if saliva secretes more means just spit it.Do not rinse with water left as it is and it performs its work on own by soothe the pain.It will treat and cure sore within night or takes for 1 to 2 days based on the canker condition.

If any irritation feel continuously happen to you means just rinse with water, do not worry about it.Do it same twice in a day only if your pain or the canker sore condition is remain same?

If you got any relieve such as cure in pain and improvements in the sore condition do not continue.

If you want to fast heal and quick treat strictly reduce the amount of alum powder before you used.

Do it one on the morning and another in the evening or at nighttime, you have to give time interval at least some hours for tongue or mouth that is affected, by sore.

This is one of the best canker sore home remedy as well as quickest way to get rid of it.

Warning: Do not try this method on young kids and children’s most of them cannot tolerate the burning feel.
Water-soluble way of use or mouthwash

how does alum cure canker soresThe mouthwash for canker sores is done by as follows…

Take a cup of water and mix a half-teaspoon of alum and one teaspoon of crystal salts.

Heat them and make a look whether alum powder dissolves in water.After that stop heating just filter water by strain it using filter and collects the liquid that we created and name it as alum mouth wash or mouth rinse to cure canker sore pain.

Wait for the water, which comes to Luke warm temperature, which is a tolerable heat to rinse. Rinse with the best mouthwash, which we prepared naturally and get pain relief.


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