Top 30 Canker Sore Causes

Unfortunately, the causes of canker sore are not clear. So, what can cause canker sores?

It is one or more combination of factors that cause canker sores in people. Below is the extensive list of factors or problems that causes canker sore.

  1. Tooth Brush and mouth wash gels – accidental hard brushing on the softer tissues of inner mouth and gums can cause small cuts or openings and it can even scrape the tops of gums and inner cheek soft tissues. Afterwards, rinsing with mouth washing gel could damage the tissues further to caused canker sores in mouth.
  2. Accidental tongue and cheek Bite – It is quite common at the young adolescent age to go over lip smacking foods and biting the tongue & cheek accidentally. Unless you take first aid, these bites will cut open during the night and leads to canker sore causes.
  3. Lack of Vitamin B12 and iron deficiency in Human Body is the main reason to develop canker sore in tongue and mouth.
  4. Eating foods and Fruits that are rich in acidic or spicy such as Shellfish, Nuts, Spicy and acidic foods, Green peppers, Excessive drinking of Coffee, Chocolates, Strawberries, tomatoes, Grapes and Pineapple can also causes canker sore in tongue
  5. Hormone imbalance during menstrual cycles – seen in teenage girls
  6. Serious Intestinal infection caused by allergic and sensitivity foods
  7. Fatigue – Excessive working during the nights doesn’t allowing the body to maintain the temperature balance. Extending your work to late night not only causes fatigue but also canker sores
  8. Emotional stress – Don’t take anything personal and stress out. Try to put the stress out by shifting your mind on few things like yoga, cooking, meditation, walking, gardening etc. Most people have reported that they actually get canker sore when they are emotionally stressed out.
  9. Change in eating time – Any change in eating time and postponing the food also triggers the cause of canker sore in people suffering from gastric problems
  10. Skipping Regular breakfast and having frequent Brunches frequently is recently observed as one of the cause for canker sore.
  11. Frequent travelling and failing to adopt new environment
  12. Bacterial infection inside mouth and gums
  13. Chewing Gums for a longer period creates inflammation and irritating buds causing canker sores in tongue and mouth
  14. Heredity
  15. Excessive Smoking
  16. Excessive alcohol drinking damages the tongue and inner soft tissues of mouth and leads to causing canker sore in mouth
  17. Tobacco consumption (any form)
  18. Inflammatory Bowel Disorders
  19. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a foaming substance in most toothpastes and mouthwashes can cause canker sores.
  20. Eating Hot Foods before the heat in food settles down
  21. Oral Injury and Sports Injury (during collision)
  22. Trying new or wrong oral care products – This happens when trying out new oral care product that is been shown in the market or wrong oral care product.(i.e. that doesn’t go well with you)
  23. Food Allergies
  24. Chips and other crispy and crunchy foods that can damage the inner soft tissues of mouth and gums. Even some times crisp and sharp biscuits can damage gums of children and triggers canker sore.
  25. Broken dental fixtures – any dental fixing that are damaged can cause serious damage to the gums which will trigger to get canker sore.
  26. Blood and Immunity system diseases. which includes HIV
  27. Crohn’s disease
  28. Lupus
  29. Anaemia
  30. Celiac sprue – Gluten sensitive food contents
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