Canker Sores

What Is A Canker Sore?

Canker Sores (a.k.a aphthous ulcers) are ulcers very often seen developed on the base of gum or mouth. Occasionally, they also appear in the inner inside of cheeks, under tongue and inside the lower lips. These ulcers are viable in small yellow and white color. It is one of the common oral lesions.

No, Canker sores are not contagious. However, they may be very painful based on the type of canker sore that you are affected.

Canker sore Statistics:

About 20% of people are prone to get affected. Women are often affected with canker sore than men. As women lack in nutrients that helps to develop canker sore so quickly.

Time to Recover:

Usually Canker sores will pass away within 1-2 weeks as the human body accumulates the missing or required nutrients.

Categorization: 3 Common Types of Canker Sores

Classic or small canker sore: Small ulcers in size less 1 cm and occurs mostly under the tongue and inside mouth. Around 40% of U.S People have this type of canker sore at their young age. They appear mostly in common, non-smokers and high society people. This type of canker sore will usually get cured naturally by their own in 1-2 weeks without any special care.

Complex or Major canker sores: Unlike classic or small canker sores, these will not be seen very common and usually occurs quite frequently in those who had canker sores in the past. They are usually very large and deep yellow or pale white color ulcers with outer white color lesions. This kind of ulcers may be very painful and could take 3-6 weeks to get cured completely and they may also leave scars or impressions.

Herpes canker sores: They are not caused by herpes virus and are uncommon and happen to appear in the later part of life. Usually, they often appear to be in irregular shapes and in clusters. These are very painful type of canker sores.

What are the Symptoms of Canker Sore?

There are no distinguished canker sore symptoms.  Some people had indicated that they had felt any on the below symptoms before actually getting canker sore.

  • Slightly burning, irritable and tingling sensation one or two day s before it appears.
  • Few had informed, they had small bumpy inflammations or red spot inside the mouth.
  • Few others have experienced Bleeding Gums (Receding Gums), Painful Gum and Large mass or lump formation on the Gums

Canker Sore Causes:

The causes of canker sore are not clear. So, what causes canker sores? It is the triggers that cause canker sores in people. If it is well know, then it will help us to avoid the re-occurrence of it.

  1. Tooth Brush and mouth wash gels: accidental hard brushing on the softer tissues of inner mouth and gums can cause small cuts or openings and it can even scrape the tops of gums and inner cheek soft tissues. Afterwards, rinsing with mouth washing gel could damage the tissues further to cause of canker sores in mouth.
  2. Accidental tongue and cheek Bite: It is quite common at the young adolescent age to go over lip smacking foods and biting the tongue & cheek accidentally. Unless you take first aid, these bites will cut open during the night triggers the causes of canker sores on tongue.
  3. Lack of Vitamin B12 and iron deficiency in Human Body.
  4. Foods and Fruits –Shellfish, Nuts, Spicy and acidic foods, Green peppers, Excessive drinking of Coffee, Chocolates, Strawberries, tomatoes, Grapes and Pineapple.
  5. Hormone imbalance during menstrual cycles – seen in teenage girls
  6. Fatigue – Excessive working during the nights doesn’t allowing the body to maintain the temperature balance. Extending your work to late night not only causes fatigue but also canker sores
  7. Emotional stress – Don’t take anything personal and stress out. Try to put the stress out by shifting your mind on few things like yoga, cooking, meditation, walking, gardening etc. Most people have reported that they actually get canker sore when they are emotionally stressed out.

Canker sore remedies

Below are the Top 14 remedies for canker sores suitable for all age group people starting from kids, teenagers and adults.

Nutritional supplements – Eat healthy rather than tasty foods to prevent canker sore. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins, folic acid, zinc, iron and folic acid contents like whole grains, green leafs etc. This is the first and foremost of canker remedies, because 90% of canker sores occur to unhealthy foods.

Avoid using allergic and acidic foods that can affect your mouth and tongue such as spices, oranges, pineapples, nuts, tomatoes, green peppers. It is a trial out exercise to figure out what foods are allergic to you.

Defend your mouth – Any damaged dental equipment rubbed against your tongue or mouth can scrape the skin and cause canker sore. One of the Best gum sores remedies is to cover the sharp edges with authentic orthodontic wax before rubbing inside your mouth.

Play Safe oral battles – Choose soft bristled brushes to brush your teeth and avoid hard brushes. Avoid using tooth pastes and mouth gels that contains sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) especially in case of children. Ensure to brush your teeth twice to keep the teeth and mouth free from any residual foods that are allergic to you and trigger canker sore.

Defeat emotional Stress – Control your emotions and don’t let the stress to beat you out. There are quite a few natural canker sore remedies to beat the stress by doing stress reducing methods like yoga, meditation, exercise etc. Be socialized and don’t be single out.

Once you start engaged with any one of the natural remedies like walking, yoga or your favourite hobbies and come out of stress, your brain will instruct your enzyme secretion to secrete more antibiotics to get over with the canker sores in mouth and also your mindset will completed shift t to take care of health instead of dwelling on the past.

Healthy living Habit – People who are cautious about their health are those who get rid of canker sores much quickly than those who have never or little awareness about personal Health.

Give up smoking, drinking alcohols and any form of tobacco consumption to prevent canker sore. It requires in mindset, lot of courage, determination to give the smoking and drinking in people.

As many would think, why should I give up smoking for canker sore? It goes automatically within 1-2 weeks normally. But have you ever had the painful and bleeding canker sore? If so, don’t be a victim of canker sore.

Drink enough water – Drink more water in the meals to let the food digested. It not only allows to the food to digest well but also to transform the food to nutrients required for the immunity system. Drinking helps in blood circulation and helps in transferring the B-complex vitamins iron and zinc to all over your body increasing the anti bacterial and viral activities that prevent from occurring canker sore in tongue and mouth.

Stop Drinking Soda – Stop drinking soda in the meals as the substances in soda can react and may not allow it to transform food into nutrients. Although, the aerated soda and drinks taken during the food helps in digestion, But on the down side it slows degrades the efficiency of digestive glands as the soda contents sticks to the intestinal walls and prevents the enzyme secretion required for the digestion of food. It also degrades the absorption rates of nutrients from the digested food thus creating a imbalance of nutrient paving a way to the causes of canker sores in mouth.

Oral Care Products – Avoid trying new oral care products without proper medical recommendations from doctor.

Follow Right Eating Habit – Follow proper timings for your breakfast, meals and dinner and stick to it at the maximum.  Do not skip breakfast as it can cause additional enzyme secretion that causes intestinal damage that triggers canker sore gradually.

Sleep Well – All is well when one is sleeping well. Inadequate sleeping causes high blood pressure and body heat that eventually become triggering point to cause canker sores.

Canker Sore Treatments

  1. Quick Remedy – How to get rid of Canker Sore fast?
  2. Home Remedies to Canker Sore
  3. Canker Sore – Medical Treatments

Quick Remedies – How to get rid of rid of Canker Sore fast?

Applying Alum Powder to Reduce moist (Most Effective method) – Like any other wounds, when moisture is removed in any wound the healing rate of wound is much high. The first and foremost solution to get rid of canker sore is to remove the wetness.

Alum is usually used in pickles to remove the wetness and juiciness of cucumber. Take a small pea size of alum powder and apply directly on the canker sore gently, Leave it for a minute and spit it out and be careful not to swallow it.

Note – Do not rinse your mouth after spitting out the alum. Leave it as it for 10-15 minutes and rinse your mouth if you need.

Repeat this procedure for 2-3 days. As soon as the dampness around the ulcer is dried out the faster the ulcer heals.

Baking Soda Rinse for canker soreRinse your mouth with Salt or Baking Soda in warm water – Take one cup of warm water dissolve it with one spoon of salt or baking soda, if you’re feeling less pain. Otherwise, add two spoons of salt or baking soda.

Rinse your mouth with the solution prepared 3-5 times thrice in a day. This will control the pain and grow of the canker sore further. Continue this simple no brainer remedy for 3 days and get rid of canker sore quickly.

Home remedies for canker sores (Do you it yourself)

Salt water rinse to cure canker soreSalt

Wash your mouth with warm water. Take two spoons of table salt and boil it with one cup of water for 5 minutes.  Allow it come down to the tolerable hot and rinse your mouth with this salt water solution. This helps in alleviating the pain and creates immediate pain relief.

Note:  Repeat this procedure as many times in a day to prevent the tongue and mouth sores. This will increase canker sores cure fast.

Coconut Oil

Wash your mouth with warm water. Take half a spoon of coconut oil and use cottons and apply it on the canker sore affected areas. Now take another half spoon of coconut oil and hold it in your mouth for one minute by gargling and swallow it.

Coconut oil is very good in healing any wounds without leaving any scars behind. This is one of my favourite homemade remedies for canker sore whenever I get it.

Note:  This has to be done early in the morning and most preferable time is before sunrise.

Onion paster for canker sore treatmentOnion Paste

Onion is rich in sulphur content that helps in curing canker sore. Cut onions into pieces and ground them well without adding water and make onion paste. Wash your mouth with Luke warm water and apply the onion paste directly on the ulcer affected areas.

Spread it extensively and cover it fully to ensure the onion juice is absorbed by the ulcer to the maximum extent.

Repeat this for 3-5 times a day for 3 days and you can expect the healing quickly.

You may also eat onions directly but it can cause pain since people are already suffering from canker sore and hence onion paste method is recommended one.

Note: You may feel burning or irritating sensation while applying it but don’t worry, it is natural to get pain or irritating sense if anything get contacted with the lesions.

Coriander – A secret ingredient for canker sore treatment. It is found in almost all the kitchens.

There are 3 easy Home remedies of canker sore using coriander.

Coriander LeavesCoriander Leaves

Take one cup of water and add about 15-20 grams of coriander leaves (Only the leaves not the stem). Boil it for 15 minutes and let coriander leaves to extract its juices. Take it from stove and allow the solution to settle. Drain the solution and gargle it for 3-5 times a day for 3 days.

Note –Gargle this coriander solution when it is in lukewarm. Not only it helps in curing but also gives a good breadth and refreshment.


Coriander seed soup for mouth ulcerCoriander Seed soup

Take one spoon of coriander seeds and boil it with one cup of water for 15-20 minutes. Allow the soup to settle down and strain the soup. Drink the soup twice a day for 3 days will keep the canker sore away.

Note: This can be taken 3 times day after food. It also helps in digestion and keeps the bad breath away caused by canker sore.


Coriander Paste

Take handful of coriander leaves and grid it with lime juice. This will form into a paste consistency. Apply this paste on the white colour and yellow colour lesions. This is one of very effective method in canker sore treatment. It can also be used to children affected with canker sore.

Note: You may experience a sharp irritation while applying it but it controls the spreading of canker sore immediately

Yoghurt with berries



Eating yogurt in the morning breakfast and lunch reduces the acidic nature of food, Helps in healing ulcers. It is one of the simplest home remedies for canker sore. Always eat fresh yogurt that can heal the canker sore, if yogurt is not fresh stop eating it. I usually eat it with raw as well as mixed with berries to step up the treatment.


Canker Sore CuresHoney

Rub the raw honey directly on the canker sore affected areas for 2-3 times day for 3-5 days to get it healed naturally.You can also mix honey with warm water to drink and rapid up the healing process.

Canker Sore – Medical treatments

  • B complex ibuprofen or acetaminophen tables for to alleviate the pain and accumulate the lacking vitamins and iron nutrient.
  • Corticosteroids medicine – applying direct on canker sore or swallowing corticosteroids tablets.
  • Hydrogen per oxide mixed with warm water mixture, dip it with cotton buds and rub it on affected area. Beware, do not swallow it. Repeat the procedure 3-5 times a day for comfortable relief.
  • Rinse your mouth with a mixture of magnesia milk and Benadryl . Do it for 3-5 times twice a day.
  • Chlorohexidine mouthwash.

When Should I Call the Doctor and seek medical Treatment?

Normally, Canker sores will go away on their own within 1-2 weeks without having to do anything. One should call doctor and seek medical treatment for canker sore under below circumstances.

  • When the pain is too much and making you to stop eating food.
  • When the no of canker sore is more than 5 in number within a week.
  • When canker sore lasts more than 2 weeks and shows no signs of curing
  • When you sense numbness around the ulcers and no signs of numbness going away
  • When you have bad breadth starting to appear
  • When experience pain in tongue or cheek
  • When you experience unusual drooling in the night
  • When the white colour sores Turing into red or any swelling in the lips or cheek.


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