How silver nitrate sticks used for canker sores

Introduction to silver nitrate sticks:

Silver Nitrate belongs to the category of an inorganic compound. It is a stick which is made up of either wood or plastic and at the end or tip of a stick which is coated with a chemical compound or substance such as silver nitrate 75% and potassium nitrate 25%. For your assumption purpose, it will look like cotton ear buds(cotton buds are not recommendable to clean ear) which are commonly used for cleaning the ear. Silver Nitrate is otherwise called as Caustic Pencil and silver nitrate applicators which are used to for cauterization treatment.

Where to buy silver nitrate sticks ?

Most Frequent question asked by people and the answer is  you can buy it over the counter with or without a prescription and buy it directly from many pharmacies, order through online via shopping sites.

Silver nitrate role in medical field :

In the medical industry the silver Nitrate plays an important role they are as follows​

  • Dressing for wounds and helps in stop bleeding.
  • Antibacterial cream.
  • The silver nitrate coated medical device helps in kills the bacteria.
  • It is used to remove unwanted tissues such as granular tissue, corns, skin tags and warts.
  • In the Xray field by the coated silver which helps in reduces the cost and gives the accuracy for Xray.
  • silver Nitrate which is used in the antiseptics and also for eyedrops.
  • Dental problems also lower in the use of silver compound (silver diamine fluoride).
  • silver nitrate sticks which are used for canker sores or aphthous ulcer recurrent disease of the oral mucous membrane.

Top Reasons: why people choose silver nitrate sticks for canker sores

  1. Best and quick home remedy for canker sore.
  2. InExpensive in the cost of treatment by silver nitrate cauterization for canker sores.
  3. Compared to daily suffering. Resist the pain for few seconds of burn sensation on healing canker sore which is better.
  4. Due to fast moving or activity world, people decide for fast and quick relief.

How silver nitrate treatment works in canker sores treatment

The silver nitrate sticks are directly applied on the canker sore (aphthous stomatitis) as an action of painted. By painted on the area of canker sore until which turns to white in color. After treatment the pain which decreases dramatically.According to the medical profession guidelines it is good and safety for silver nitrate sticks apply over the canker sore to heal.

Precaution for how to use silver nitrate sticks :

  • Before handle, the silver nitrate sticks with you hands wear disposable nitrile gloves which are resistance to cuts, abrasions, dampness, high temperature and chemicals.
  • wear eye glass to protect you eye.
  • Kept assist or friend to help you and place a mirror to point out the canker sore, use the head torch light to focus the sore area.

Warning :

  • It may blackens the skin and severely stings.
  • keep way from children.
  • Ingredients which are poisonous be aware of it .
  • Any mischievous activities happen flush with salt water continuously for few minutes and immediately contact the physician immediately.
  • Apply on treated area only.
  • Consult your physician before doing he or she will guide you.
  • Don't make any eye contact with it and don't move near to any one's eye.
  • Silver nitrate causes chemical cauterization and increases the depth of injury.


  • wear the hand gloves before handling the silver nitrate sticks because it stains on your finger or hand when you touch the chemical coated area, the stains which will turn to black or brown.
  • Dip the silver nitrate stick tip with sterile or distilled water to activate it where it deactivates on salt water or saline.
  • Before apply the silver nitrate sticks use any numbing solution spray which will use to resist the pain on and after treatment.
  • Gently clean the canker sore area and allow it to dry.
  • with the help of tissue paper or with the surgical cotton swabs Gauze clean it, where to be painted or rub with silver nitrate stick.
  • Go slowly and do the gentle painted or rubbing action for 5 seconds over the canker sore based on the size of canker sore it tooks more time like 5 to 10 seconds.
  • After rubbed the canker sore using silver nitrate applicators which the sore turns in to grey or brown color due to the chemical burn.
  • After finished the treatment prefer salt water rinse to clean your mouth,which salt water deactivates silver nitrate effects.
  • wash your mouth by rinsing with salt water.Be aware don't swallow any water until you completely washed you mouth.
  • After the silver nitrate sticks use over canker sore finished, the pain remains for few minutes and the burn smell remain in the mouth for some period of time.
  • silver nitrate cauterization technique heals canker sore fast and rapidly.
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