Herbal and natural remedies for canker sores

Besides the home remedies for canker sores, there are alternative methods to treat canker sore effectively using natural canker sore remedies.

Little known, But very effective herbal and natural cure for canker sores in mouth are listed below.

Sacred fig to cure canker soreFicus religiosa (sacred fig)

Strike the stem of Ficus religiosa tree early in the morning before sun rise. Collect the resin coming out and apply them directly after washing the canker sore wounds with warm water. This resin acts as a gel and fights the bacterial activity from spreading further.

Swallowing the resin with banana or any other food helps in curing canker sore fast. This is best way to cure canker sores thoroughly and keep them strictly away from you at least for next 6 months.

Ficus religiosa resin is capable of healing even the severe intestinal ulcer.

Note : This can be done only in the early morning before sunrise otherwise you wouldn’t get resin.

Aloevera to heal canker soreAloe Vera gel

The pain soothing Herb that suits for canker sores also. Get an organic and natural fresh aloe Vera gel. Never use aloe era gel mixed with additional soothing elements for this remedy.

One spoon of aloe Vera gel and mix it with one spoon of water till it combines well with water. Apply it softly on the sore areas to reduce the pain and help in treating the canker sores.

Note: Over dosage of Aloe Vera gel will lead to kidney related problems.

Home Remedies to cure canker sores fastSage Herb Rinse

Take 2 cups of water and add 2 spoons of dried sage herbal leaf powder. Boil it for 15-20 minutes and let the solution to reach normal room temperature. Drain the solution and rinse your mouth with it for 3 times a day.

Note: you will get immediate pain relief when sage herb is used. It also reduces any inflammation caused by sores.

treatement to cure canker sores in lipsGuava Leaves

The best cure for canker sores is to treat it with the Guava leaves. Take handful of tender guava leaves and eat it by chewing slowly. One who wants rapid and fast remedy should try this.

Note: You should eat only the tender light green guava leaves (not the dark green) in the morning before sunrise to get better result.

quick remedy for canker soresTender Coconut

Tender coconut plays a greater role in lowering the body heat as well as it heals the canker sore by directly bringing your body temperature to normal. Drinking about 200ml of tender coconut water in the morning after breakfast is the easiest home remedy to cure canker sores naturally.

Also, tender coconut water cures any other intestinal problem that causes canker sore.


Holy Basil Cures canker soreHoly Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil, first and foremost helps to overcome the life stress. The chemical components in Holy Basil decrease the canker sore pain and inflammations of canker sore. It also squeezes out the moisture from the ulcers and helps to get rid of canker sores quickly.

Take 5-10 leaves and chew it for 2 minutes till all the juice from the holy basil spreads on the canker sore affected tongue and mouth. This holy basil leaves juice is  regarded as one of the natural remedies for canker sores in mouth

Note: Excessive intake of Tulsi leaves will increase the body temperature.

Green bananaGreen Banana

Banana is rich in B-complex and it is the easiest way to get rid of canker sore. Eating 2 bananas along with a cup of milk in the morning cures the canker sore naturally without doing anything. Also, Banana keeps the bad breath away caused by the canker sores.

poppy seedsPopy seeds

Take about 2 pinches of cleaned poppy seeds after washing the mouth with warm water and keep it in the mouth. Allow the poppy seeds to soak it with saliva. After 2 minutes chew it well and swallow it.

Poppy seed destroys germ and cures canker sore wounds in mouth and tongue. Poppy seed treatment is one of the best cure for canker sore.

Note: Careful ! Excess swallow of poppy seeds will cause dysentery.

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