Rise of Zika virus and how to prevent from it

Zika virus origin

It is found in the early period of the year 1947 which is an introductory of mosquito-borne virus in the place Uganda and Tanzania it is where first predicted, which is rhesus monkey an infected one.

It is identified and in the observation by monitoring the symptom of sylvatic yellow fever has been affected by it.

After that it is somewhere identified in the year of 1952, peoples who are affected in the countries are America, Asia and the pacific.

What is zika virus?

This is a mosquito-borne virus which is an infection caused by the bite of Aedes mosquito.

Symptoms of zika virus

  • zika fever - persons who affected by infection has mild fever and muscle pain.
  • The symptoms are same as the flavi virus that produces the Dengue fever and the Alphavirus that produce the chikungunya whereas it is a milder form that will actually last for 4 to 7 days.
  • Another symptom is the patients who are with pink eye (Conjunctivitis).
  • Exanthema - skin rash also found in patients.
  • Usually the symptoms will last within 2 to 7 days.

How does zika virus transmitted

The same method of dengue and chikungunya in the past, which the same mosquito transmits by the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito.

Transmission ways of zika virus infection

Commonly zika virus requires a medium that is vector (transportation) to infect the people. The Aedes mosquito is the vector through that only it is spread mostly.

Not confirmed one - A possibility of sexual transmission may be it is described. The zika virus, which is also isolated in the semen.

​There are studies and research are undergoing that is any possible of mother to child transmission and any possible effects in the baby or child condition.

Important Fact of Aedes mosquito

Aedes mosquitoes, which bites in the daytime especially morning, late afternoon and in the evening time.

Diagnosis - How zika virus infection diagnoised

With the help of collected blood samples which undergoes for the blood test to confirm whether he or she infected by the zika virus.

Viral tests are done by pcr (Polymerase chain reaction) method, which requires first 3-5 days after the onset of symptoms, other serological tests that is to detect the presence of any antibodies.

To get the proper and complete detail report waits for 5 days to confirm the patient is infected with zika virus or not.

Preventive measures For zika virus infection

  • Wear full hand shirts that is long leeved shirts and pants to cover the leg area avoid shorts.
  • Use the mosquito spray and repellent.
  • Sleep in the good area avoid the outdoors.
  • Use the mosquito nets or bed nets for protection in the sleeping time.
  • Wear some clothed gloves and socks to protect the legs and fingers.
  • Close the windows and doors properly to avoid the mosquito entries which make as annoy.
  • Keep clean and remove the containers, tyres, tubes and household items such as buckets in which the mosquitoes are hiding and it helps to breed more.
  • Spray some insecticide around your house and the outdoors to make good environment, which controls the mosquitoes growth.


How zika virus infected one treated

Until now, there is no treatment there is no specific treatment found where as the patient with mild symptoms does not need any treatment specifically.

Suppose if any patient or person who infected should undergo treatment like more rest drink sufficient amount of liquid and treat the fever and pain by the common medicines.

Difference between chikungunya, Dengue and zika

  • Chikungunya - which shows the high fever, more pain in the hand, knees and feet especially in joints? No common actions such as walking, sitting does not perform by the affected person.
  • Dengue - severe pain in the muscle and high temperature fever.
  • zika virus - There is no distinguish symptoms where as the most patients are with conjunctivitis and skin rashes.

Questions And Answers over Zika Virus

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