Tongue Ulcers : Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies

What is Tongue Ulcers?

Tongue ulcers (aphthous ulcers) are small white colour lesions that occur in the tongue. These white ulcers on tongue can be painful during eating, talking and brushing your teeth.

These white ulcers on tongue are not severe one and are under 1 cm in size. They become very severe, when ulcers in the tongue become swollen and turn red.

Normal Tongue ulcers are not harmful in general and go away within 5-7 days by their own.

It is believed that tongue ulcer is contagious and can be caught from some others.

Approach Doctor immediately if you’re still suffering from tongue ulcers more than a week.

Symptoms of Tongue Ulcer

Although, there are no defined symptoms for canker sore. The below are the most common symptoms observed by majority of people who suffered from tongue ulcer problem.

  • Irritating or burning sensation on the tongue
  • Sudden Occurrence of Small inflammations on tongue
  • Tongue soreness
  • Sudden Appearance of white or red swollen lesions on the tongue
  • Gum inflammations
  • Taste Change in Tongue

Tongue ulcer Causes

Normally, Tongue ulcers are caused as result of injury to the tongue, such as accidental tongue biting, viral infection or small cuts or openings on the tongue. The well know common causes of tongue ulcers are below.

  • Vitamin and B-Complex deficiency in human body is the most significant cause of ulcers on back of the tongue.
  • Iron and Zinc Deficiency
  • Lack of Sleep.

Infections that causes tongue ulcers

Tongue ulcers can be caused by various infection types listed below.

  • Canker sores or aphthous ulcers
  • Gingitivitis (Mouth infection caused by virus or bacteria)
  • Herpes Infection
  • Oral lichen Planus (an immunity deficiency disease causes the risk of oral cancer)
  • Oral or tongue thrush (Fungus infection caused on the tongue surface)

Tongue ulcers caused by diseases

Like infections, there are certain diseases that also cause ulcers on tongue.

  • Immunity diseases
  • Behcets syndrome (A disease that causes spreading of blood vessels inflammation)
  • Crohn’s disease (A Bowel inflammatory disease)
  • Gastrointestinal diseases

Common Causes of Tongue Ulcers

There is variety of common factors and conditions cause ulcer in the tongue.

  • Chronic irritation on Tongue (Leukoplakia)
  • Improper Oral Hygiene
  • Inflammation on the tongue
  • Tongue Injury
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Infections caused by Dental Implants
  • Tooth Ache
  • Dental Infections
  • Accidental Tongue scraping – It happens during tongue scrapping or tongue cleaning
  • Stress or Tissue Injury
  • Ulcers in stomach – Almost 60% of people who suffered from stomach ulcers also suffered from tongue ulcers.
  • Late Night sleep that cause acid reflux in stomach that leads to ulcers on both the tongue as well as mouth.

Foods and drinks that causes Ulcers on Tongue

There are certain varieties of foods that can also cause tongue ulcers.

  • Acidic and Spicy foods
  • Vegetables (Lemons, Oranges, Pineapples, Apples and strawberries) can induce tongue ulcer causes.
  • Excessive Coffee drinking
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking

Additional Symptoms of Tongue ulcers

Besides above all the symptoms describe there are few symptoms that causes ulcers on tongue.

  • Heavy Fever
  • Physical tiredness
  • HIV

How to get rid of tongue ulcer?
The best and quickest way to get rid of ulcers on tongue is to swish your tongue with glycerine liquid 3-5 times during the morning. This rinsing will first remove the pain first and cure tongue ulcer.

Tongue ulcer treatment

Treatment For Ulcer In Tongue

Over the counter there are many oral care gels and pain killers available to alleviate the pain of tongue ulcers. This pain killers and ulcer gels will cause numbness to the tongue and you will not feel any pain.

Bicopsules and Riboflavin are the best ulcer tablets to get rid of ulcer quickly.

Homemade Pain Killers to reduce Tongue ulcer Pain

Salt water rinse – Mix Salt with hot water and rinse your mouth with the salt solution 3 times a day. Sodium in salt fights against the germs of ulcers in tongue and controls them. Rinsing mouth with salt water eases the pain of ulcer and helps you to speak better.

Ice Cubes – Roll over the ice cube on the small canker sore affected areas, it will create numbness and Pauses tongue ulcer pain for a while.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Mix 1 spoon of hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of warm water and apply it straight using cotton swab on the affected areas of ulcer in the tongue. Repeat this for 3 times a day to cure tongue ulcer quickly.

Milk of magnesia – Mix 1 spoon of Benadryl and 1 spoon of milk of magnesia with 1 cup of warm water and rinse your mouth with this solution helps in healing tongue ulcer rapidly.

Note: you should not swallow this solution.

Tongue ulcer Home remedies

Home Remedies for Ulcers on Tongue

Fig – Eating fig with honey helps in curing tongue ulcers as the produce the required nutrient supplements.

Butter – Applying Butter on ulcers affected area of tongue and rest your tongue will certainly reduce the tingling pain of ulcer under the tongue.

Ficus religiosa (sacred fig)

Applying sacred fig resin directly on the ulcer affected tongue areas, early in the morning will help you to get rid of tongue ulcer very quickly.

Organic or Pure Coconut Oil – Drinking a small amount of Organic or Pure Coconut oil will first heal you gastrointestinal disease and also heals tongue ulcer in mouth. This is one of the readily available homemade remedies for tongue ulcers.

Coconut Milk – Another best home remedy to cure tongue ulcers is to chew and swallow the ripe coconut milk. Coconut water is rich in vitamin and the oil content heals the tongue ulcer lesions and cures them fast.

Food to eat when suffering from tongue ulcer

Eating Banana, Apple and papaya fruit will help your body to recover the much needed vitamins, iron, zinc and B-Complex to fight back mouth ulcers on the tongue.

Eating Yogurt with blue berries also found to be very good in healing ulcers.

Drinking Butter milk twice a daily bring balance to your body temperature and fights back the bacterial activity of mouth ulcer on the tongue.

Things to avoid during tongue ulcer

  • Avoid drinking coffee and tea.
  • Stop drinking soda for a few days till you get cured from tongue ulcers.
  • Avoid using tooth paste and mouth gel contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
  • Stop Smoking.


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