What Is the best canker sore treatment

Introduction to canker sore treatment :

Before canker Sore treatment started, choose or go to the well-trained professional in health care field like a doctor. Then only your mouth disorders can be diagnosed in good and proper manner after that well trained medical professional will start the treatment and then you will get cure in easy way.

Self Analyze over canker sore

According to the mouth disorders, most of them are simple mouth ulcers and tongue ulcers that will heal or lasts a week or 10 days. Nevertheless, that ulcer which does not last by its own within the short period of days. Time to awake and go for the doctor to diagnose it on the sore in mouth or tongue. Another important and main factor why I should go for canker sore treatment. Self-analyse yourself by count how many canker sore comes to your mouth area and how long does canker sore stays or how long does it take to cure by its own.

By self-analyze, you get a clear picture for you canker sore treatment. Suppose canker sore comes and cure within a week on its own and I got maximum two or three canker sores in a year and one per month does not frustrate about it. Otherwise, if the canker sore that comes and does not cure by its own or not lasts by its own within 10 or 14 days, another condition that is a recurrent canker sore, affected by more numbers of canker sores in months and years. It means that you must consult the doctor to get a proper diagnosis and get the best treatment for canker sore that cure permanently as well as completely.

Canker sore condition

Based on the condition of canker sores the doctor who can treats the sore by evaluating it. According to the well-trained doctor who can diagnose the canker sore and if anything important means they go for biopsied.

Experts in medical and health care field diagnosed and classified the canker sore on its condition


Mild canker sores: It is analysed based on the canker sore symptoms and how frequently occurred and reoccurred and finally how it cured or heal by its own.

​Moderate canker sores: Most of the people come under this category moderate because they had canker sores in mouth or tongue or lips, but they do not have any symptoms for it before occurring.

​Severe canker sores: It is very painful which you cannot able to speak, eat and open your mouth. Canker sore spreads widely. Another condition that consistently recurrent canker sores and frequently affected.

Canker sore treatment:

The ultimate aim of the best treatment for canker sore is

  • Pain Reduced
  • Fast healing or quick heal.
  • Prevent recurrent canker sore.

In the medical field or industry, there is no pinpoint accuracy for healing. So that to treat canker sores lot of methods available all are benefits to people some of they are


Go to the well-trained dentist or good in oral who treated better based on the diagnosis and in the prescription way. After consulting the oral expert, you will be in over the counter to get medicine. By the treatment that Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis or canker sores comes under their diagnosed categories such as

  • Antiseptics and cleaning agents, which are used to clean the wound, ulcer or affected canker sore area and prevent the growth of bacteria. The cleansing agent commonly provides oxygen on the affected area that helps to clean.
  • Anaesthetics are also provided relief to sore which mostly comes with other mixed substances that make allergy, so highly sensitive peoples or patients do not go for it or not use it.
  • Occlusives which covers the canker sore regions by creating protective layer and become strong shield to the nerve ends. It stops irritation and pain while eating the food that containing salt and spicy substances and chewing. It gives long relief and it is tough to keep in for more time.


The mild cautery (an agent which is used for burn, sear, or destroy tissue) or caustic to deaden nerve endings which are another way of an approach used in canker sores treatment for the reduce in symptoms.They are two types of cauterization techniques for canker sore treatments are as follows:

  • Silver Nitrate Sticks for canker sores Silver nitrate sticks are bought through online. This is a method in which silver nitrate is directly applied on the lesion by the oral experts. The main advantage of this method of treatment is immediate relief from pain within a few hours after the treatment. The method of treatment, which is not liked by most patients due to burn smell and tastes which remain.
  • Debacterol is a pain reliever to the canker sore, it is used to treat the minor oral problems, also for the Canker Sores (recurrent aphthous stomatitis).It is another distinctive method that will heal the ulcer and gets immediate pain relief and lesion will get cure or heal in few days.


Apart from the treatment by making your body protect as well as to get immunity power to fight against canker sores. Due to lack of nutrient deficiency list of nutritional supplements prescribed to eat and prevent from canker sores. Some of them are

  • B-Complex vitamin – especially Vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12.
  • Folic acid.
  • Zinc.

Consume the nutrients with the doctor prescribed level or consult medical physician how much amount of nutrients supplements should consume...


There are a lot of mouth rinse products are available to heal canker sores. By rinse, it kills the bacterial growth and prevents stop further spreading as well as it heals the sore.

  • Mix salt with lukewarm water and gargle by your mouth, and spit it out.
  • Alum powder mix for mouth rinse, which is one of the quick and best treatments for canker sore.
  • Use a pinch of baking soda and mix in warm water, which is quiet resist able to mouth. Rinse the mouth rinse mixed with baking soda.

Now a day mouth rinse comes with flavor mixed.

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